Director's Message

Today’s industrial environment is characterized by Skilled Manpower, Modern Technology & effective implementation of Training in various Vocations emerging in various sectors like Construction, Automobile, Fabrication, Hospitality, IT & other Services.

According to the report of the Working Group on Skill Development & Training set up for preparation of XI plan, Only 5% of the Indian labour force in the age group of 20-24 has received vocational training, whereas the percentage in industrialized countries is much higher, varying between 60% & 80%. With reference to Economic Survey of Maharashtra 2014-15, according to Census 2011, youth proportion (age 15-24 years) of population is 23.6%. In Maharashtra, Average Annual Drop-out Rate of Secondary Level (Classes IX-X) for Boys is 15.04 & for Girls 13.78. Total No. of Vocational Training Seats available in Maharashtra is 1,89,565.

I am proud to state here that Maharashtra has the largest no. of Vocational Training Seats in India. Inudustrial Training Institute is established at every Taluka place in Maharashtra in 36 districts.

To cover the unorganized sector, an importance has been given to MES Programme of Central Government in Maharashtra, especially in Rural areas. Each ITI is governed by Institute Management Committee, which is headed by Prominent Industrialist in that area.

WorldBank Project covering Centre of Excellence & PPP is monitored by & administered effectively in Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra State has receiving The Best State Award frequently from Labour Ministry of Central Government.

We are working as a team & our Programmes & activities are guided by our Vision, Mission & Core Values.