Pre S.S.C. Vocational Education


Technical Subjects are taught from standard VIII in addition to the academic subjects & the students are prepared for the S.S.C. Examination. There are following two types of Technical High Schools

1. Full fledged Technical High Schools where academic as well as the Technical subjects are taught

2. Technical High Schools / Centeres where technical subjects are taught.

As per new policy on Education introduced of pre-vocational courses with multi skill component such as Element of Mechanical Engineering, Elemnt of Electrical & Electronic Technology & introduction to Basic Technology under pre-vocational education of Secondary level has been started from 1996-97.

A part from these Technical groups, other groups like Commerce, Agriculture, Fisheries, Para Medical, Home Science Curriculums are under process & will be introduced in due course of time.


1. Self-discovery by the pupil of his own ability and aptitude, making him more alert and active.

2. Knowledge of Industry, its methods of production and effect on everyday social and economic life.

3. Satisfaction through self-expression by certain work while manufacturing articles.

4. Application of good design and good workmanship in any manufactured products.

5. Ability to use tools and material for production of article product.

6. Knowledge in selection, purchase use and care of manufactured articles both for use in the house and in occupational life.

7. Ability to make sketches and drawing for constructional purpose and to read technical illustration in books and journals.

8. Basic knowledge in the use of tools, machines, material and process to carry on educational and professional work in scientific or technological level.

Present Status of the No. of Institutes & Intake in Pre S.S.C. Level Vocational Education (2016-17)

SNo. Type Of Institute No. of Institutes Available Seats
Govt. Private Aided Private UnAided Govt Private Aided Private UnAided
1 Pre S.S.C. Level Vocational Education 197 GTHS-(169+Tribal AshramShala-28) 224 161 25080 (23160+1920) 19740 12420

Syllabus – Pre S.S.C. Vocational Education

SNo. Title View
1 Multi Skill Foundation Course(MSFC) Level I
2 Mechanical Technology
3 Electrical Technology
4 Electronics Technology